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Public Events

TurnON $10 per classNo purchase required to enroll

The games we play at TurnON are designed to create the visceral sensation of Orgasmic Meditation, without having to actually do the practice (or remove any clothing!) - sort of like having the feeling of an incredible dessert without having consumed any of the calories! TurnON events are great for anybody who is curious about OM but not ready to sign up for Intro to OM. Find a full list of TurnONs and other local events at meetup.com/OneTasteNewYork/

Lectures at OneTaste NYC Free

OneTaste NYC hosts interesting informative lectures on a nearly weekly basis. These lectures help to bring together different individuals stories of Orgasmic Meditation and how it can apply to a wide variety of life. These informative, interactive events help you get to know long term practitioners and see what is possible with OM.

Community Potluck Free

Join us for potluck dinner night! It's for the Orgasmic Meditation community here in NYC.

Expo Free


Intro to OM $199Purchase required to enroll

What would happen if we rebuilt Orgasm from the ground up, but this time, included consciousness? The same way that we have been moving from processed to whole foods, from mere fitness to yoga, Orgasmic Meditation (OM) offers a new paradigm of Orgasm. The day-long Intro to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics and philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice!

Healing $499Purchase required to enroll

Who says healing has to take place alone or in a therapist’s office? It can actually be a joyful experience done in connection with others. That’s what this class brings. This weekend is about undoing the ties of shame, fear and pain; the places our energy is tied up from the past and therefore unavailable to us. So to liberate that energy to fuel our orgasm and ultimately to discover the power in the darkness. It's a potent step on the path of Orgasm, held by qualified facilitators in a compassionate and safe space.

It's simple - Healing is removing any impediments to love.

Desire $499Purchase required to enroll

How often do you slow down, tune in and ask yourself what you truly desire? What would it take for you to get out of your head and into your life? Pleasure is a powerful motivating force drawing us into our bodies. With our attention rooted there, we feel more alive, nourished and connectable. Far from indulgent, taking pleasure can be a dignified and even generous practice - allowing you to relate in the world from a place of overflow instead of scarcity. In Level 3 discover what brings you pleasure and learn how to receive it without shame. Fill up and see the world become a better place around you.

The Men's Course $499Purchase required to enroll

Whether you’ve taken Intro to OM and are ready for a bigger bite, or you’re totally new and want to experience a revolutionary paradigm of relating before learning to OM, The Men's Course is the upgrade for the outdated operating system you’ve been taught.

The Women's Course $499Purchase required to enroll

We are leaders. We’re creating change not by fighting the old ways, but by finding a better way. We’re creating change by accessing the power in our sex. We’re creating change by getting so turned on that the world effortlessly becomes that which we most deeply want: a world where both men and women can be our most vulnerable selves, a world where desire is just as critical as doing it right, a world where we don’t have to specify “connected sex” because sex just IS connected.

The Relationship Course $499Purchase required to enroll

Apply the principles of Orgasmic Meditation to your relationship and see what’s possible when connection and sensation are your guides. Take the course with your partner or alone; the content is applicable to all kinds of relationship!

Orgasm & Desire $199Purchase required to enroll

It’s all about how to live a life rooted in orgasm and navigated entirely by following desire. It’s a life that is healthy, rich, nourishing, organic, sustainable, and extraordinary, and you can have it too.

New Year's Urban Retreat $999Purchase required to enroll

This year, ring in the New Year with all of us at OneTaste NYC with a thorough, rich excavation of the past twelve months of your life, love, and relationships. Our New Year's Urban Retreat is about deliberately transitioning from the old to the new. It’s a celebratory occasion, a prayer of gratitude to the past, and an opportunity to artfully craft the next phase of your life. We invite you to wipe the slate clean in connection with your friends in Orgasm through a hosted at our New York center in Soho.

Local Membership Purchase required to enroll

Local Membership is a year long, completely immersive program; curated and tailored so that all OneTaste New York courses and offerings are wrapped up into an experience unlike any other.

The Business Course $499Purchase required to enroll

Learn how to apply the principles of OM and Orgasm to your business to create more profit through connection and flow.

Summer Retreat $999Purchase required to enroll

Without any distractions, immerse in Orgasm and create your desires.

Autumn Retreat $999 per classNo purchase required to enroll

Without any distractions, immerse in Orgasm and create your desires.

Private Training